Creation stories from around the globe interweave with the cycle of life and death; stories are retrieved from the stones and tales of life collected from around the world.

An act of theatrical archaeology excavates the mythic history of the earth we live on and gives it dramatic life.

theatre nomad’s FARAWAY NEARBY was created on every continent with collaborators in many countries. We collected stories and performers as we went. From a small kernel of performance in Dover in South East England, via workshops and sharings in Kent, Kosovo, New Mexico, Malawi and Brazil, our performance continued to grow.

Rebecca Bateman, Victoria Gilmon, Paul Huntley-Thomas, Emma Kilbey, Laura McFall, Kitty Myers, Lisa Payne, Matt Spray, Timothy Taylor, Alexis Bradburn, Melissa Everleigh, Kylie Butler, Albertina Marfil, Bianca Ara, Emma James, Suzy Harvey, Pia Nordin, Tor Spencer, Mimi Beaufort Spontin, Katie Mutton, Amanda Morgan, Robert Cook

Final performance:
Siobhan Davies Studios
85 St George's Road, London, SE1
7pm Saturday 8 July 2006
Box Office 020 7091 9665

Administration: Rose Sharp, Liz Turner
Choreography: Segun Adelfila, Jane Turner
Direction: Luke Dixon
Music: David Baird, Alison Blunt
Costumes: Joanne Donn
Scribing: Terry Gomez, Katherine Jones, Gemma Mortensen, Rose Sharp, Liz Turner

Created in partnership with:
Institute for American Indian Arts, New Mexico
Centre for Children’s Theatre Development, Prishtinë, Kosovo
Nanzikambe, Blantyre, Malawi
Creative Partnerships, Kent, England
International Workshop Festival, London, England
Crown Troupe of Africa, Lagos, Nigeria
Kwoto Cultural Centre, Khartoum, Sudan

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