In the Bible, God wins the bet when Satan tests the patience of Job. In the European folk-tale, Mephistophilis leads Dr. Faustus into temptation. Our performance draws on the two best known European versions of the Faustus myth, the English play by Shakespeare’s contemporary Christopher Marlowe and the German by Johann von Goethe. Marlowe’s play was first performed in 1594, a year after his death; Goethe’s play was perhaps never intended for performance – the first part was published in 1808, the second posthumously in 1832.

This production originated in a series of workshops at The Astor Theatre Deal and The London School of Musical Theatre in England and The University of Port Elizabeth in South Africa, led by Luke Dixon, Rebecca Hall, Richard Auckland, Louise Barrett and Ramiro Silveira. Rehearsals were on the water of the River Thames in The Battersea Barge and by the sea at The Astor Theatre Deal.

The first performance was at The Astor Theatre Deal on 3rd February 2001. The production toured to Germany (Mainz and Berlin), Spain (Valencia and Barcelona), England (Brighton and London) and South Africa (Grahamstown).

Thanks to Peter Lewis, Glenn Lee, Jenny Carlin, Jean Lemmer, David Lemmer, Pam Cuyler, Toni Andrews and Richard Waring.

God/Margaret/A Devil:

Costumes made by:
Props and effects:
Karola Timm
Lulu Macumba
Sabrina Venezia

Luke Dixon
Liz Turner
Luke Dixon and Hennie Delport

Hennie Delport
Jane Turner
Sarah Ainslie
Jane ‘Top Bird’ Hutchison

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