words by William Shakespeare, Joan of Arc and the company.

performed by Victoria Gillmon, Andrea Molnar, Lisa Payne, Laure Salama.

choreography by Segun Adelfina

directed and designed by Luke Dixon.



Joan of Arc – soldier, sinner, male impersonator, saint and professional virgin… an experimental performance about the scourge of the English and the saviour of France, using Joan’s own words and those put into her mouth by William Shakespeare.

For the past two years we have been slowly developing a project based on Joan of Arc as she appears in Shakespeare’s history plays. A script has evolved that uses not only Shakespeare’s words but also those of Joan herself as recorded in her trials. And we have widened the scope of the project to incorporate elements of Shakesqueer, our performance about cross-dressing and gender identity.

A first text was workshopped at The University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 2000 and later developed at The Actors Centre, London. The first performance of what is still a work in progress was given at our home at the Astor Theatre, Deal on 7th March 2002 with actors from England, Hungary and France.
The performance was filmed for development as a video project.

The performance lasts about 50 minutes with no interval.

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