MACBETH by William Shakespeare

We do not know for certain when Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, but it is possible that the first performance was that given at Hampton Court outside London, on 7th August 1606, when King James was entertaining the visiting King Christian of Denmark. Richard Burbage was Macbeth and an unknown young man played Lady Macbeth.

Macbeth is widely believed to carry a curse and so potent are the superstitions attached to it that actors commonly refer to it as 'the Scottish play' to avoid the risk of mentioning it by name.

Our first production was of Macbeth in 1993 with an all-female cast which toured the world for three years. The final performance was in the town of Glazov in The Udmurt Republic in 1996.

For this new production we began with workshops in the eastern Cape of South Africa, moved to Kent in England to finish rehearsals, and opened at the Hong Kong City Festival on 28 January 2000. The production toured to Dartford, Deal, Dover, Brighton and Margate in England; The Africa Centre and the Royal Commonwealth Society in London; Calgary in Canada; Grahamstown, Port Elizabeth and towns in the Karoo in South Africa.

Hannah Buvik and Jean Pagni alternated in the parts of Macbeth and Lady in the first tour of this production. In later performances Louise Barrett and Ava Taylor played Lady Macbeth.

Lady Macbeth:

Assistant Director:
Top Bird:
Voice Coach:
Drumming Coach:

Front cloth made by:
Drums made by:
Swords made by:
Jean Pagni/Hannah Buvik
Hannah Buvik/Jean Pagni/
Louise Barrett/Ava Taylor
Louise Barrett/ Mbacke Modou Mactar/
Claudia Hope
Paul Huntley-Thomas
Paola Cavallin
Luke Dixon
Liz Turner
Luke Dixon and Joanie Magill
Jane Turner
David Baird
Birte Twisslemann
Ramiro Silveira
Jane Hutchison
Sue Henry
Sarah Ainslie
Xolani Blou
Rebecca Hall and Cameron Mackenzie
Mrs N.R.Tana
Jean Lemmer
Alan Meek

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