The Tokoloshe is the Puck of southern African folklore; a creature that comes after dark to cause mischief and mayhem was the starting point for this short piece. A friend to children but a danger to adults, the Tokoloshe will jump into your bed at night if you are not careful. With both male and female sexual organs, no one is safe.

The production was made as a site specific performance for Shunt Vaults, a series of vast interlinked spaces in the Victorian vaults underneath London Bridge Station. An ‘Outside Speaker’ enticed the audience deep into the darkness to reveal a creature trapped and wounded in the darkness.

First performance Shunt Vaults 2nd October 2008.

Devised by Chloé Déchery and Luke Dixon
Performed by Chloé Déchery and Sean Bruno

Movement: Pia Nordin
Designer: Zoë Padley
Designer: Zoë Padley
Executive Director:  Liz Turner
Photographs: Sarah Ainslie and Zoë Padley

Video: Sean Bruno


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