A theatrical picnic in which the audience is invited to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of a perfect summer’s day as the performance happens amongst and around them.

The piece was devised to be performed in any clear indoor space with a good sound system. The audience sit or lie on the floor as the production unfolds.
 The piece was first shown in a workshop performance at the Siobhan Davies Studios, London on 17th July 2007.
Devised and performed by Alexis Bradburn, Sean Damien Bruno, Robert Cook, Chloé Déchéry, Satya Dunning, Chloe Gilgallon, Emma James, Amanda Morgan, Katie Mutton, Pia Nordin, Jasmine Pender, Tor Spencer, Tim Taylor and Debbie Yearsley.

Words: by William Shakespeare, Sean Damien Bruno, the company and the audience

Director: Luke Dixon
Executive Director: Liz Turner
Soundscape: Sean Damien Bruno
Photographs: Sarah Ainslie


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