SURVIVORS By Charlotte Delbo In the translations of Rosette C. Lamont

Adapted from Auschwitz et après (Auschwitz and after) a trilogy by Charlotte Delbo: Aucun de nous ne reviendra (None of us will return) Une connaissance inutile (Useless knowledge) Mesure de nos jours (The measure of our days), written in 1946 and ’47. The first volume was published in 1965 and the other two in 1970.

This workshop production was commissioned by Westminster University with financial support from the Service Culturel of the French Embassy London and first seen at Senate House, University of London on 13th February 1998 and later staged at The Library Theatre Sheffield for Hallam Sheffield University’s International Women’s Week on 3rd March 1998.

Performers :
Director :
Dramaturg :
Stage Management :
Rebecca Hall
Sophia Lovell-Smith and Joanne MacInnis
Luke Dixon
Nicole Thatcher
Jane Hutchison

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