Through 2009 and 2010 the nomads explored the colour blue and the naked human body with a series of workshops and performances. The project linked with The Love Art Lab, the seven year collection of wedding performances by Elizabeth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle, each year themed around a different colour.


At Annie and Beth's Blue Wedding, created in Oxford with performers from around the world, Luke Dixon wrote and performed this homily:

In southern Africa the Xhosa people call a sky without clouds a lonely sky. We are here today to ensure that the sky will never be lonely again. We are here today to marry the sky. The blue of the sky reminds us of the blue of the fifth chakra. The chakra of open clear communication, of feelings and of thoughts and of creativity. It is the chakra of releasing and of breathing. It is the chakra of the life-force and of healing. As we look at the sky above us, let us remember the power and importance of communication – of being free to speak what is in our hearts and listen to what is in the hearts of others. Annie and Beth I will now ask you to say your vows.


May 2009 Colchester Arts Centre

June 2009 Gove House Oxford

March 2010 Kings Place


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