WAR IN TIMES OF LOVE – a theatre project for Kosovo and England

MULTIMEDIA Centre Kosovo and theatre nomad Kent joined forces to make a new piece of theatre. Luke Dixon travelled to Pristina with Chloe Gilgallon and Debbie Yearsley to work with Kosovan actresses Arta Seljimi and Anisa Ismaili and writer Jeton Neziraj. At the Dodona Theatre the group explored love in the aftermath of war:
After the chaos of war, is there some space left for love?
Four women from different places and different cultures share their stories.
Laughter, tears and empathy for all.

The Kosovan artists then came to the UK to continue the project and gave a first performance at
The Roundhouse Theatre, Dover on October 17th 2007.

The play has since been translated and seen across Europe.

written by Jeton Neziraj

performed by
Chloe Gillgallon, Anisa Ismaili, Arta Seljimi and Debbie Yearsley

directed by
Luke Dixon

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