London, 13 January

Our first visit to Africa has finally come to an end. Our work at the University of Port Elizabeth and in the townships continued into December. Our final workshop was at Lwandlekozi School in Port Elizabeth's red location where, with township actors, a student from UPE and four teaching students from Denmark, we ran a morning's workshop on Macbeth.

The students presented their own versions of a scene from the play, retold in Xhosa and in a contemporary setting. The whole school turned out in the sun to see the scenes performed. We look forward to being back in Lwandlekozi next Summer and Noel Greig is hard at work arranging for that school in New Brighton, South Africa to be 'twinned' with one in Brighton, England.

We are extremely busy preparing for Macbeth and At Break of Day which go back into rehearsal in January before opening at the Hong Kong City Festival. Both plays then tour through the year.

In March we are working with Middlesex University and members of Brecht's Berliner Ensemble on a Brecht Cabaret that will be seen at the Drill Hall in London - our first show in German.


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