THE LEGEND OF LAKE WOOD was produced by theatre nomad for the Uckfield Festival and performed on 20th July 2002. Coming together to make this unique piece of community theatre were:

From the town of Uckfield: Kathryn Bentley, Patricia Bentley, Claire Brocklehurst, Cathie Corbin, Cicely Corbin, Frances Hathaway, Sammie Merrett, Imogen Moore, Robert Muggeridge, Linsay Newton-Palmer, Paul Newton-Palmer, Steven Parsons, Tony Ryan, Bernard Tagliavini, Sue Tagliavini and Holly Williams.

From theatre nomad: Luke Dixon, Paul Huntley-Thomas, Katherine Jones, Suzy Kemp, Andrea Molnar, Lisa Payne and Jane Turner.

And the band Tango Siempre: Kylie Davies (Double Bass), Ros Stephen (Violin), Pete Rosser (Accordion), Jonathan Taylor (Piano)


"Working with theatre nomad on costume design for ‘The Legend of Lake Wood’ in the town of Uckfield was a wonderful experience. After a chance meeting, I found myself on the train to Uckfield with a theatre nomad team to discover a diverse group of people awaiting.
Professionals, teenagers, blind people and people in wheel chairs all worked together. The most and more were made of everybody, and over a short period of time we miraculously produced the most fabulous performance.

A true tragic love story from Uckfield was retold with a tango edge; parachutes were used as grand skirts and as the lake in which the lovers drowned. In what was both a moving and visually strong play, whether acting as creepy trees or as proud tango dancers, it would have been impossible to participate without awakening elements of yourself you never knew were there. Accompanied by Tango Siempre, the performance ended with everybody form the audience dancing the tango with the performers. Working with theatre nomad you have the impression that anything can be possible."

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