July 2006 - AN OPEN SPACE

theatre nomad has been exploring ways of creating performance across cultural boundaries through a series of workshops and performances over the past two years. The project has involved collaborations around the globe, most notably with the Institute of Native American Arts in Santa Fe and Children’s Theatre Workshop in Kosovo. On July 8 the exploration came to an end with a sharing of work at London’s new Siobhan Davies Studios, home of the International Workshop Festival. The performance was a result of eight evening workshops with the company’s London based performers. The nomads will continue to run regular workshops at the new studios with occasional sharings in the coming months.


Sarah Ashley Alexis Bradburn Kylie Butler Robert Cook Chloe Dechery
Victoria Gillmon Paul Huntley-Thomas Emma James Albertina Marfil Amanda Morgan
Katie Mutton Kitty Myers Tor Spencer Tim Taylor  

Devised, improvised, choreographed by the company with Luke Dixon, Jane Turner and Paola Cavallin

Costumes: Joanne Donn
Violinist: Alison Blunt


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