Ishmael's Story - January 2006

While participating in the London International Workshop Festival, Orlando White (Diné) and Ishmael M. Antar (White Clay People) of The Institute of American Indian Arts (Santa Fe, NM) were given the opportunity to work with theatre nomad in the sharing of stories. Both displayed the ability to bridge cultural gaps as they told stories about their varied life experiences. Both are poets and working actors who come from very distinct backgrounds, in life and with regards to their work.

One of the stories, as told by Ishmael, was recreated by the work of theatre nomad. Under the guidance of Luke Dixon, with the help of Orlando and Ishmael, a group of actors from various parts of the globe each portrayed a character from the story. It was the story of a Halloween party gone bad. After one antagonistic character is forcibly removed from the party, a fight breaks out and a stabbing occurs. The actors each picked a character from the story and learned to embody the character. There were even on stage, human representations of the knife and the blood. I know personally that Both Orlando and Ishmael were a bit disappointed that the staging did not occur until the day of their flight back to the States. But both we’re absolutely thrilled to be given such an opportunity to share, learn, and experience this incredible event.


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