UNCLE VANYA by Anton Chekov

A unique production of Chekhov’s great play at Goodnestone Park.

 Be greeted by retainers as you arrive in the dark.

 Eavesdrop on the life of a Russian country house at the turn of the 19th century as the action unfolds around you.

Glimpse a lost world by candle light and oil lamps.

 Have a hearty supper before the play begins.

 For this new project theatre nomad, famous around the world for its reworking of classic texts, produced its first Chekhov. Humorous, moving and quintessentially Russian, this was Chekhov’s delightful play as never seen before.

 Creating the ambience of a nineteenth century Russian dacha in the music room of Goodnestone Park in Kent as part of the Canterbury Festival, the company presented Chekhov’s wonderful play as a site specific performance: the first time this had been done anywhere in the world.

 The performance was lit almost entirely by the lighting of the period – guttering candles and oil lamps. A samovar dispensed tea. Live music wias be played. A Russian themed supper was served before the show in the kitchens of Goodnestone House.

 The cast of nine actors inhabited the space while the audience looked on from the shadows. To ensure complete intimacy the audience was limited to only 30 people each evening.

 Performances Tuesday 24th – Saturday 28th October 2006

Alexander Serebrakoff : Andre Lemmer
Helena : Amanda Morgan
Sonia : Lisa Payne
Mme. Voitskaya : Amanda Palmer
 Ivan (Vanya) Voitski : Robert Cook
Michael Astroff : Timothy Taylor
Ilia (Waffles) Telegin :

James Derek

Marina : Pat Shimmon
The Maid : Lizzie Chittenden
Violinist : Daniel Griffiths
Director : Luke Dixon
Designer : Joanne Donn


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