July 2007: A Brazilian Dream

As part of our ongoing Dream project three nomads spent June in Porto Alegre in the very south of Brazil working with actors and students on a workshop production based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Luke Dixon worked with Jean Pagni and Victoria Gilmon from Europe with a group of Brazilian actors, the workshop culminating in a performance at the Sala Qorpo Santa



Playing as a child. Rediscovering the pleasure of imagination to create forests around us, believing in them, even inside the limits of the stage. Being transformed, being man, woman or fairy for some moments… and returning again to the reality, as if it was a dream, a midsummer night dream.

- Ana Paula Zanandrea

Priscilla Colombi Luz
Diego da Silva Farias
Viviane Bogdanov
Pâmela Maro Fontoura
Camila Beatriz Coarêa
Patricia Suri de Moraes
Patricia Machado
Ana Paula Zanandrea
Lariss Sanguiné
Cristian Hoppe Navarro
Daniela Carmona
Sofia Salvatori
Sergio Lulkin
Thigo Pirajira

Video – Roberto Schneider
Photos – Edgar Neumann


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