December 2008: Stukeley Street Stories

theatre nomad’s community work has been focussed on the centre of London and in East Kent. In November we ran a community theatre project in conjunction with Dragon Hall Community Centre in Covent Garden, a vibrant building that hoses all manner of community activities and also acts as a rehearsal and workshop base for the nomads in London. The project was led by Kitty Myers, Amanda Morgan and Glenn Tillin and managed by Rosanna Mason.

Stukeley Street Stories turned into a wonderfully imaginative workshop resulting in a physically vivid and poignant sharing of work.

Using a variety of devising and storytelling techniques we managed to weave an intricate web of moments derived from the participants most valued and detested memories.

Had we been blessed with more time I am certain the project could have grown into something quite exquisite, bordering on the grotesque and undoubtedly hugely enjoyable to witness or indeed to be a part of.

- Kitty Myers

Photos: Denise Smith




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