June 2009: Workshop at Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephen’s:

BLUE WEDDING Grove House, Oxford

Luke Dixon's Bleu workshop was sheer joy; a blessed, sacred, fun shamanic journey into the body through art. Like experiencing the very best parts of kindergarden as adults, without any of the worst parts. Good for the soul. Love is Bleu! And Luke is the absolute balls.

- Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. Performance Artist and Sexologist

“Familiar outlines; a breast, a thigh blending into palms and lips created these strange blue shadows in which you are challenged to take in several angles of a body at once. You began to envision the performer as a ghost traced by their marks on the wall, as you try to decipher the choreography their body must have endeavoured to create its print.  Where the performer leant, where they balanced, how they must have contorted themselves to place "that footprint up there".  The prints become much more than an image of the body, but in themselves reveal the cartography of a body in space, in which is contained the subtle narrative their creation, each as individual as their creator.”

- Sean Damien Bruno

 “Playful, liberating and fun.”

- Nirjhara (workshop participant)

“Thoughts on the day? It was such a wonderful feeling to be just like a kid again, finger painting with my whole body, getting beautifully messy and just enjoying the feeling of paint on my skin. I liked seeing what shapes other people would make too, with all our different bodies and ideas. Even hosing off in freezing water in the garden was (relatively) fun!”
- Violetta Storm (workshop participant)


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