May 2009: LIQUID MOVEMENTS at Colchester Arts Centre

theatre nomad’s new work was premiered at Colchester Arts Centre in England on 6th May 2009.

“theatre nomad capture both a spirit of danger and an aesthetic elegance.
A hire wire class act without the safety net.”

 - Anthony Roberts, Director, Colchester Arts Centre
The performers were Philip Burgers, Hazel Copcutt, Maria De Lima, Emma Grace, Paul Huntley-Thomas, Krysia Mansfield, Deborah Mason, Sophia Ribeiro with improvised music by Alison Blunt
The beauty of being fully present, sharing space with other bodies was a new and special moment.
Bodies discovering and being discovered, moving with freedom, instinct, curiosity, spontaneity, through constantly surprising  points, lines and directions. Simple actions such as walking, jumping, sitting, turning, sliding, twisting, laying supported and connected the distinct bodies/personalities. It was incredible to be aware of how individual and group choices created instant, natural, unique small dances and detailed compositions.
I touched, I smell, I saw, I heard, I tasted, all senses stimulated through unknown individual and group choices. Eight bodies skins, souls, breaths, postures, dynamics, eyes, limbs, muscles, sizes, volumes, energies, created particular, common and secret territories.”

- Sophia Ribeiro

“Dear wonderbeings, superb to meet and create with you. It shall resound through my psyche for many years to come! I was spinning off random words to my friend as I tried explaining the experience...including: expansive, exciting, peaceful, sensual, connective, a sea of interconnecting energies and ideas, flowing, falling, releasing, splashing, whacking, emerging, ceremoniously spectacular, ritualistic, revealing, heart warming, a feast for the senses and the imagination made manifest!”

 - Krysia Mansfield

“ah ha.........yes yes......words..right......

As I was standing in front of the audience covering myself with blue, minding my own business for a moment, when I slowly turned around I was to discover I had fallen in to someone else’s dream.......a lucid dream. No words, just a soundscape.  We discovered each other as though for the first time, and began to communicate with only liquid paint and white paper. Surreal, Blurry, and Perfect.....”


 - Hazel Copcutt

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