Noël Greig
25.12.1944 - 09.09.2009

Noel Greig

NOËL GREIG (Artistic Associate) was born in 1944 and was educated at Skegness Grammar School and the University of London, Kings College. He graduated in 1966 with a BA Hons in History. Since 1966 Noël has worked in the theatre as actor, director, playwright, dramaturg and tutor in acting and writing. He has been involved with a number of companies on a long-term basis over the years, including: The Royal Court, Red Ladder Theatre, Sheffield Crucible Theatre, Theatre Centre Young People's Theatre, Gay Sweatshop, The General Will, Inter-Action, The Brighton Combination.

Plays published:
As Time Goes By (London: GMP, 1981, reprinted Goldsmiths 1998)
The Dear Love of Comrades (London: GMP 1981, reprinted Methuen 1989)
Poppies (London GMP 1983)
Do We Ever See Grace? (Cambridge University Press 1989)
Rainbow's Ending (Cambridge University Press 1989)
Final Cargo (Nelson 1994)
Plague of Innocence (Methuen 1994)


Tributes from those who worked with him on theatre nomad projects


From South Africa:

What has taken place will not only make us sad about the passing of our dearest friend But to Noel another chapter has been finished yet wherever he is, a new chapter has began.
We will not only remember him but go in search of his noble writings where we will find the teachings and comfort in times of need.
His family, friends and the arts not only lost just a man but A MAN.

- Zwai Mjima (actor, playwright)


From Brazil:

Sad news, indeed... But he is resting now and didn't deserve to suffer any longer. I'll keep the image of his smiley and sweet face, walking with us on the beach in Hong Kong. Or having cigarettes in the pub in the corner in Deal, after the rehearsals for At Break at Day, in January 2000. I've got a very nice photo with him, actually, from that day in Hong Kong. It is in Porto Alegre. That's the Noël we all would like to remember.

- Ramiro Silveira (director)


From Uganda:

My first contact with Noël was in Stairway to Heaven a community play in 1993. I remember Noël as being a solid friend of that ensemble piece. Though he was the playwright, he kept such a modest and unassuming presence whenever he was around during rehearsals. He not only praised the performers but respected everybody's contribution and I personally remember him humourously commenting, "Don't consult me," when asked for his opinion about something to do with interpreting the text.
I later met him in 2002 when I was fortunate to participate in the theatre nomad project with the South African Theatre makers from Port Elizabeth. Noël had an incredibly generous sense of commitment towards hearing the creative voices of those that he was working with, writers and non-writers.

- James Robinson (storyteller)


From Nigeria:

I received the news of Noel's passing on with great shock and I am yet to get over it.
But what else can we wish a great friend, especially one who had a great impact in one's life? It's eternal peace.
We shall all miss him dearly.

- Adefila Segun (writer, director, choreographer)


From the USA:

If I could read something at a gathering in honor of Noël, I would read his Letter of Appreciation:

Janice Perry (artist, writer, performer)

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