November 2010: TRIUMPHANT DESIRE a work in progress at Shunt Bar London

November 2010: TRIUMPHANT DESIRE a work in progress at Shunt Bar London

Photo © Ken Sparkes

The nomads have the first showing of fragments of a new work at Shunt Bar, London, on 17th October. Using words by Anita Berber and Sebastian Droste, with movement suggested by their choreography from 1920s Berlin, the evening saw the audience drawn through the extraordinary spaces created by Shunt for their current show. For the finale naked performers were glimpsed above a glass ceiling, as the audience stood below them.

Performers:  Shardae-Rose Angel, Sean Bruno, Caroline Byrne, Clara Choveaux, Maria de Lima, Ali Gilling, Paul Huntley-Thomas, Satu Jokinen, Sarah Kaldor, Tyrone Landau, Rob Landon, Maria Otake,

Director: Luke Dixon

Musical Director: Tyrone Landau

“ My experience of the day: Explosao de emocoes  estranhas, visita a um mundo proibido  e fascinante, ABANDONO!”

- Maria de Lima

“The day was a wonderful process. Rehearsing with the whole group was not in the slightest stressful… (considering the time we had to pull a piece together).
The venue with glass floors and the extreme lighting made the piece turn out to be so dramatic to the viewer’’ eye, so I was told.
Performing it felt great...especially in the smoke filled room, cello song and with an audience so close to us.
I went home that evening wishing it had been longer...or wishing I could perform it every week.”

- Shardae-Rose Angel

“Misled into thinking I was performing a piece of theatre, I was instead plunged into a Steppenwolf-style world, in which the usual norms and rules of polite society no longer applied. I still can't work out what parts of the evening actually happened, and which were products of my own over-active imagination.”

- Rob Lyndon

“I thought the way we utilised the very uniquely designed space was really good, and the result was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it!

- Mariko Otake

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