December 2010: XOLANI BLOU

"I bring you sad news, of the passing on of one of our greatest performers, full of life, a lamp that just died and through the complete darkness we realise, we had just lost our light, a man who lit the stage where ever he was, his strong presence could never be ignored. He loved the stage, and the stage loved him back, Xolani Blou, is the man who our hearts bleed for, now so silent, something he was never associated with, as his memory still speaks so loud, he made his last bow and made an exit never to touch the stage again, and life itself is still in shock on how it has lost its grip on such a beautiful actor. A man who made directing look so easy, every story loved him and through him the author was glorified, the stage is sad, May his soul rest in peace."

- Looks Matoto

"Xolani worked closely with the nomads on our first and subsequent visits to South Africa. We performed together, ran workshops together and lived off the freedoms of the new South Africa. He was a charismatic man and a spell-binding actor with an energy that none who met him will ever forget. Many of us were touched by his spirit and will mourn his passing."

- Luke Dixon

Xolani with Noel Greig (far left) Zwai Mjima (centre) Jean Pagni (kneeling right) in New Brighton 1999.

Xolani and Luke Dixon in New Brighton 1999


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