June 2011: TRIUMPHANT DESIRE a work in progress at Colchester Arts Centre

With words by Anita Berber and Sebastian Droste, and movement suggested by their choreography from 1920s Berlin, the nomads gave the first performance of TRIUMPHANT DESIRE at Colchester Arts Centre on 26th May 2011.
It was an evening of depravity, horror and ecstasy with the audience engulfed in the action.
The Maestro: Tyrone Landau

The Declaimers: Emma Grace, Tim Taylor

The Showman: Sean Bruno

The Poet / Droste: Rus Kallan

The Dagger Dance: Shardae-Rose Angel, Maria de Lima

Saints Sebastian: Rob Lyndon

The Artist / Berber: E J Martin

The Wild Dancer: Ali Gilling

Narcissus: Rob Lyndon

The Bull and The Matador: Shardae-Rose Angel, Maria de Lima

The Modern Dancer: Ali Gilling

The Diva: Kate May

The Ballet Dancer: Shardae-Rose Angel

The Human Cello: Elsa Petit

The Cellist: Sarah Kaldor

The Violinist: Satu Jokinen

Director: Luke Dixon

Musical Director: Tyrone Landau


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