November 2011: final ever performance by theatre nomad

TRIUMPHANT DESIRE at Kings Place London

The Triumphant years of Theatre Nomad - an end of an era!
A heartfelt thanks to everyone and especially you, Luke!
For all your generosity and energy in putting together great people and amazing theatrical experiences like nobody else.

Thanks again and looking forward to working with you again on the new horizons!

- Emma Grace


It was lovely working with you, and congratulations on such a successful show. Again, THANK YOU.

-Sally Pembroke, Production Coordinator, Kings Place Music Foundation


Many thanks for giving me a chance to meet really good people I wouldn't otherwise have had the good fortune to work with. Thanks for organising Triumphant Desire Luke - it was a blast, and a fantastic hub for creative work.

- Rob Lyndon



It has been an absolute pleasure working with you all. Thank you Luke for making it all possible and to everyone for your making this the highlight of my year.

- Russ Kallan



Thank you for a wonderful evening of inspiring performances.

- Francesca Cillic



Thanks so much for the show last night!

- Lazlo Pearlman




Wonderful evening.  Wouldn't have missed it for the world. The end of an era but the best of luck with all you do in the future, the world would be a  worse place without your unique take on theatre. Thank you for the opportunity of being  a part of it

- Jim Townsend



I hear it was a fab show?! Lots of lovely feedback from staff & audience members too.

- Holly Thomas, Visitor Services Manager, Kings Place Music Foundation




Such a memorable wonderful night

- Jane Turner



A truly mysterious work.

- Kelvin Thomson


Loved it!

- Tim Taylor


We've had a phenomenal time of it with theatre nomad and am sure there will be tales told for many years to come all over the world...not to mention different projects in different guises but all carrying the spirit forth to new audiences.

- David Baird


So lovely to see see the last ever theatre nomad show.  It's been such a fabulous thing to be involved with and I have had some of my biggest laughs and highest of times on tour with you.  Please come again.

- Louise Barrett


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