As part of the nomads’ commitment to the exploration of performance the company has run workshops on Shakespeare in the townships of South Africa, on trance performance in England, on the acting of gender in North America and on text and theatre skills in schools and colleges across Europe. The nomads have also used drama to deal with a wide range of social issues including war and bereavement in Kosovo, youth alienation in North America and conflict reconciliation in Southern Africa. International and cross-cultural collaborations are at the heart of the company’s work. These are some of the workshops we are currently offering. We are always happy to devise workshops for any group and any situation. We often run open workshops in central London. For details of our current workshops please email

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based on Luke’s inspired book of theatrical beginnings-jumping-off points for actors, teachers, and directors. Drawing upon his thirty years of designing and leading theatre workshops, Luke Dixon goes to the heart of contemporary theatre practice. Whether drawing upon Japanese butoh, Shakespearean verse, or African rhythms, these thirty-two workshops cover a wide range of activities-voice warm-ups, body work, the exploration of theatrical space, life games, dreamtime, sense and chakras, working with the spine, and much, much more.

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An introduction to ways of creating and telling stories using a wide variety of source materials and releasing the actor’s imagination. The workshop explores types of story and ways to tell them using not just the voice but also the full physical possibilities of the actor’s body. The workshop includes solo, duet and group work.

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A community based workshop programme in which theatre professionals work with local people to devise short plays that dramatise issues, raise awareness and lead to discussion and debate. We work closely with the host community or organization in devising these workshops.

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An adventurous workshop that gives dancers, singers and actors a chance to explore the world of the most sensual dance in the world. The language of tango is used in the creation of performance. This is tango not just as dance but as song, martial art, sexual surrogate and breathtaking exoticism.